• Fixed Blade Hunting Knife

    Fixed Blade Hunting Knife

    Application of Fixed Blade Hunting Knife
    Self-driving Tour;
    Outdoor Exercises;
    Camping Gift Tools Carry-On And So On
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  • Survival Hunting Knife

    Survival Hunting Knife

    Application of Survival Hunting Knife
    Outdoor Tour;
    Gift and So On
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  • Handmade Hunting Knife

    Handmade Hunting Knife

    The cross section of blade: convex grind
    This handmade hunting knife blade material is handled by composite steel. And the blade made by forged, which hardness up to 58HRC.
    This handmade hunting knife hilt material is also composite...
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  • Hunting Knife Set

    Hunting Knife Set

    Application of Hunting Knife Set
    Hunting Use:
    LED flashlight (three-shift tactical switch: hard light / low light level / quick flashing) Compass; Thermometer; Whistle; Emery Sharpening Blade.
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  • Military Survival Knife

    Military Survival Knife

    Features of Military Survival Knife:
    HANDLE: The cross section of blade: convex grind
    This military survival knife handle material adopts G10 composite fiber anti-slip handle, which has high hardness and fatigue resistance, and is comfortable in hand.
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  • Military Combat Knife

    Military Combat Knife

    Features of Military Combat Knife:
    Most application:
    Hunting knife
    Utility knife
    Camping knife
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  • Full Tang Survival Knife

    Full Tang Survival Knife

    Advantages of Full Tang Survival Knife
    Smooth, prefect blade design
    Fine processing off CNC to ensure the perfection of the knife.
    The middle teeth are designed for piranha teeth and can easily cut off the rope and other objects.
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  • Survival Knife Kit

    Survival Knife Kit

    Production Process of Survival Knife Kit:
    Model the parts of the knife.
    The blade is finely polished and plated with titanium .Handle CNC fine processing
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  • Army Survival Knife

    Army Survival Knife

    Features of Army Survival Knife:
    This army survival knife blade material is 440C stainless steel. It has strong hardness, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and strong toughness.
    This army survival knife hilt material is the anti-slip handle of the K10...
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  • Fighting Dagger

    Fighting Dagger

    Features of Fighting Dagger:
    This fighting dagger handle is made of the G10, with insulation, corrosion resistance, wear resistance characteristics.
    This fighting dagger blade is made of the 9Cr18MOV, high carbon chromium bearing steel with good corrosion...
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  • Dagger Defense

    Dagger Defense

    Features of Dagger Defense:
    Red cord warp handle
    Speed / Precision Balanced / Perfect Accuracy
    Has a 14.5cm straight edged, fixed blade with spear point shape and made of 420 steel with an attractive satin polish finish.
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  • Push Dagger Knife

    Push Dagger Knife

    Features of Push Dagger Knife:
    Push Dagger Knife is a short-bladed dagger with a "T" handle designed to be grasped in the hand so that the blade protrudes from the front of one's fist, typically between the index and middle finger
    The grip is comfortable with the...
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