• Damascus Steel Folding Knife

    Damascus Steel Folding Knife

    Features of Damascus Steel Folding Knife:
    HANDLE: Cupronickel carve patterns or designs on woodwork
    This Damascus steel folding knife with Damascus pattern which allows the blade to form a jagged edge at the micro level, making the sword sharper.
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  • Damascus Steel Pocket Knife

    Damascus Steel Pocket Knife

    Features of Damascus Steel Pocket Knife:
    This Damascus steel pocket knife handle material is Dyu rosewood with hide rope and brass nail, non-slip hand lines design.
    Good for collection!
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  • Damascus Steel Pocket Knives

    Damascus Steel Pocket Knives

    Features of Damascus Steel Pocket Knives:
    High speed bearing
    The simple and semi-automatic operation method is used to make the positioning of the auxiliary push tool.
    The simplified structure design is beneficial to the collection and carrying of folding...
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  • Survival Shovel

    Survival Shovel

    Features of Survival Shovel:
    Spade steel: 440C stainless steel.
    Handle material: high hardness aviation aluminum.
    Built-in multi-function knife and poker.
    Quick switching device
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  • Outdoor Survival Gear

    Outdoor Survival Gear

    Features of Outdoor Survival Gear:
    The surface of this outdoor survival gear spatula is blackened to improve the corrosion resistance. The material is 440C stainless steel with a hardness of up to 58HRC, which can make the tool more stable.
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  • Tactical Shovel

    Tactical Shovel

    Features of Tactical Shovel:
    Built-in poker
    Cutting edge
    With the surface design of the barrel, the tactical shovel handle is more frictional, and the handle is better and more anti-skid.
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  • Folding Shovel

    Folding Shovel

    Features of Folding Shovel:
    200Lumen flashlight.
    600DTactical external package
    Multi-function shovel head / blade / notched blade / switch lock / LED switch
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  • Foldable Shovel

    Foldable Shovel

    Features of Foldable Shovel:
    Built-in Multi-purpose utility knife
    Outdoor knife can be used for picnics in the wild, cut meat and vegetables, chop bones, peel the animal skins, scrape the scales, cut the ropes and protect the body…
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  • Folding Saw

    Folding Saw

    Design of Folding Saw: Serrated three-blade, Anti- slip handle The design is ergonomic. Comfortable.Read More

  • Folding Hand Saw

    Folding Hand Saw

    Features of Folding Hand Saw:
    This mini outdoor folding hand saw has two sizes, saw blade: 13CM; saw blade: 15CM
    The hand material is silicone, you would feel comfortable using it.
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  • Camping Saw

    Camping Saw

    Advantages of Camping Saw:
    The blade material is made of 440C stainless steel and hardness up to 58 HRC.
    Anti-slip handle for composite fiber material and ergonomic design comfortable On -off keying: press down.
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  • Foldable Saw

    Foldable Saw

    Features of Foldable Saw:
    Ergonomically designed, comfortable, integrated handle: provides a comfortable grip to extend the use of time.
    Easy to latch blade when not in use: the folding blade is curved, tapered and replaceable.
    The triple razor blade is...
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