• Swiss Army Knife Keychain

    Swiss Army Knife Keychain

    Multifunction of Swiss Army Knife Keychain:
    1. Knife; 2. Corkscrew; 3. Multi-purpose awl; 4. Bottle opener; 5. A large - word screwdriver; 6. Bottle opener; 7.A word screwdriver; 8. Scissor
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  • Swiss Army Pocket Knife

    Swiss Army Pocket Knife

    Multifunction of Swiss Army Pocket Knife:
    Can opener;
    bosch ixo vino;
    Cross screwdriver;
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  • Multi Blade Knife

    Multi Blade Knife

    Features of Multi Blade Knife:
    Cut the rope hook;
    Mechanical pattern;
    Belt clip;
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  • Double Blade Knife

    Double Blade Knife

    Features of Double Blade Knife:
    The design of clasp can hang on the waist, and hang on schoolbag to make adornment, too.
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  • Ballistic Knife

    Ballistic Knife

    Features of Ballistic Knife:
    The blade of Ballistic Knife is double sharp on both sides.
    The push button fires the blade out lightning fast and it also unlocks the blade so that when you pull the tab at the butt end of the knife, the blade retracts easily into the...
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  • Tactical Switchblade Knife

    Tactical Switchblade Knife

    Features of Tactical Switchblade Knife:
    Use CNC and Wire EDM to made,high precision and the blade won't shrink back.
    can rapid one-handed deployment, locks securely into place with liner lock..
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  • Switch Blade

    Switch Blade

    Features of Switch Blade:
    Each Switch Blade has a black pocket clip and glass breaker included so you can secure your knives into a comfortable position.
    The handles are smooth and designed more for daily use and in-and-out of pocket use.
    Various shapes and...
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  • Karambit Folding Knife

    Karambit Folding Knife

    Features of Karambit Folding Knife:
    HANDLE: Non-slip hand lines, Safety level spray paint and Ring design.
    It can be made with a set of rings designed on the tail end, and can be used as a fancy knife.
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  • Folding Karambit Knife

    Folding Karambit Knife

    Features of Folding Karambit Knife:
    Function: pry the bark, cutting
    Ring design + non-slip hand lines
    Tradition technology
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  • Karambit Pocket Knife

    Karambit Pocket Knife

    Features of Karambit Pocket Knife:
    Stainless steel liners with liner lock mechanism
    Superior karambit pocket knife, which allows for quick deployment of the blade
    Tiger claw shaped blade provides a sharp tip and enhanced edge retention
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  • Damascus Steel Knives

    Damascus Steel Knives

    Features of Damascus Steel Knives:
    High quality handmade knife with sharp, solid and durable blade.
    This damascus steel knives is made of high quality Damascus steel and will not rust due to proper care.
    Beautiful Pattern on Blade.
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  • Damascus Hunting Knife

    Damascus Hunting Knife

    Features of Damascus Hunting Knife:
    This damascus hunting knife blade material is damascus steel which the carbon content is as high as 1.5%, which has a very sharp blade and is very tough, also hard to break.
    The surface of the blade adopts the multi-layer...
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