• Fixed Blade Karambit

    Fixed Blade Karambit

    Features of Fixed Blade Karambit:
    Anti-skid design;
    Tie loops;
    Solid hard.
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  • Practice Karambit

    Practice Karambit

    Features of Practice Karambit:
    Blade: The surface is vacuum titanium coated and never rub off. The blade of practice karambit is made of 440C stainless steel. It is only with high hardness, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance but also with its strong...
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  • Karambit Neck Knife

    Karambit Neck Knife

    Features of Karambit Neck Knife:
    This karambit neck knife blade material is D2 steel, which is higher hardness, better stability, and corrosion - resistant;
    This karambit neck knife non-slip handle material is G10 composite fiber.
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  • Butterfly Knife Practice Knife

    Butterfly Knife Practice Knife

    Features of Butterfly Knife Practice Knife:
    This Butterfly Knife Practice Knife is perfect for learning and without all the cuts and bruising to the hands. The dull blade can keep you away from danger as a beginner.
    This Butterfly Knife Practice Knife is so easy...
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  • Training Butterfly Knife

    Training Butterfly Knife

    Features of Training Butterfly Knife:
    It is rust-inhibiting, enhanced screws are very tight and high quality.
    With Exquisite packaging, a bag and beautiful blue box, you will love it.
    Non offensive blade: Best choice for butterfly knives beginner, you can...
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  • Butterfly Knife Balisong

    Butterfly Knife Balisong

    Features of Butterfly Knife Balisong:
    An entry-level butterfly training tool designed for beginners
    The handle of this butterfly knife balisong rotates around the tang and have grooves to conceal the knife when closed.
    The defining characteristic of this...
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  • Pocket Knife Spring Assisted

    Pocket Knife Spring Assisted

    Features of Pocket Knife Spring Assisted:
    Pocket knife spring assisted offers rapid one-handed deployment, locks securely into place with liner lock
    The pocket Clip allows for easy and safe carrying
    Locks Securely with Liner Lock
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  • Key Knife

    Key Knife

    Features of Key Knife:
    Selection of steel
    Selected quality stainless steel.
    Perfect blade design
    CNC calamity
    The edge of the knife is neat and sharp.
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  • Key Pocket Knife

    Key Pocket Knife

    Features of Key Pocket Knife:
    Selection of Steel
    High quality stainless steel, high hardness, good toughness, abnormal sharp, durable.
    Handle Design
    Surface multi process treatment, not easy to fade, through the vacuum heat treatment, feel...
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  • Spring Assisted Pocket Knife

    Spring Assisted Pocket Knife

    Features of Spring Assisted Pocket Knife:
    Spring assisted pocket knife offers rapid one-handed deployment.
    Pocket clip for easy and safe carry.
    Fits in your pocket or clips to your belt with included belt clip.
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  • Folding Pocket Knife

    Folding Pocket Knife

    Features of Folding Pocket Knife:
    This folding pocket knife blade material is 7Cr17MOV stainless steel, which is effectively controls the harmful inclusion of sulfur and phosphorus in steel. The hardness, toughness and sharpness of this material are...
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  • Army Swiss Knife Pocket

    Army Swiss Knife Pocket

    How to refine the Damascus Army Swiss Knife Pocket:
    Step.1 Superposition, welding, high temperature forging.
    Step.2 After refining into thin sheets, fold, twist and reforge.
    Step.3 After many folding and forging, the toughness of steel is improved.
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