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The History Of The Steel Knife In Damascus
- May 10, 2018 -

The Damascus knife is made with Uzi ingot. It has the pattern of casting. It is usually a machete. The biggest feature of it is that the body is full of various patterns, such as running clouds like flowing water. This pattern is formed in the casting. In the past long period of time, the unique smelting technology and forging method of Damascus knives has always been a technical secret for Persian people, and is not known to the outside world. The great horse knives are represented in Iran. The ancient iron soldiers in Iran were very famous. The Persian craftsman cast soldiers were employed in Mongolia, India, Turkey and the eastern countries of the East, but the weapons of each country were different in shape and the cutting edge did not leave the inscription. As the years went on people could not recognize the Persian artificial, so they could only use their own weapons in Iran. It is a representative.

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