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Folding knife
- May 10, 2018 -

A folding knife, one of the knives, and foldable. The folding knife is mainly at the front end of the knife handle with a pivot assembly to pivot a knife body which can be swirled into it. The knife body is equipped with a security buckle relative to the side of the knife body and has an elastic bar relative to the back end of the knife body, in which the rear end of the knife body has the offset button and the concave part for the top of the elastic bar, and the security buckle has an elastic buckle. A knife body can be fixed at the rear end of the knife body outside the handle of the top of the knife handle, which is installed at the holding room of the handle of the knife, and one end of the knife is fixed, the other end is connected to the pin part of the knife body to provide a thrust to assist the handle of the knife body to spin out of the knife handle, and the utility model has the same folding knife as the same. The function of folding and closing by the conventional folding knife, and the simple and semi automatic way of using the body to spin out the position of the body of the elastic auxiliary push knife, further by simplifying the structure design, reducing the whole thickness to benefit the collection and carrying of the folding knife, so that the operation of the folding knife is easier and easier.

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