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- May 10, 2018 -

The origin of the axe was very early. Primitive humans used the stone as the cleavage device. It was also an ancient weapon. Almost simultaneously with GE and spear, it is one of the ancient battles. Huang Di had the name "axe" at that time, not only for weapons but also for punishment. The name of the penal book is contained in the name of the Yellow Emperor's five sentences, and the four is the axe. According to five penalties, they are armoured soldiers, knife saws, drill chisels, axes and whips. Therefore, the axe begins with the Yellow Emperor, and its reason is very clear; only there is no so-called thirty-six law, but the enemy is chashing and splitting the enemy. At the time of the Han Dynasty, the man created an axe in the south. At the beginning of the law, there were no more than thirty-six hands. After that, the martial arts teacher gained the momentum and made the change become a weapon of battle. So there are thirty-six ways to pass the axe.

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