Fixed Blade Knife

Fixed Blade Knife we produce mainly includes tactical daggers and throwing knives. The black oxide-rich coating on Tactical Dagger's surface converts steel into magnetite to improve the appearance and corrosion resistance of the product. It has made for self-defense. It has a non-reflective black blade coating, so this agile tool is invisible. In addition, its compact design and double-edged blades make it very versatile. It is easy to carry and deploy tactics. This knife has a double edge and provides better piercing and propulsion.
Throwing Knife's blade is made of stainless steel, so its blades are not easily scratched and sunken. Multiple throws will not cause a sudden break of the lower end blade. Its edges must be blunt, which ensures the safety of the thrower. It is ergonomically Designed it has has a handle that provides good grip and comfort. The weight, shape and design of the handle as well as the shape and construction of the blade are ergonomic. Yeifhome - China professional fixed blade knife manufacturers and suppliers. Our factory offers the best customized fixed blade knife as well as wholesale service. All products are with high quality and cheap price. Welcome to contact us for free sample.
  • Full Tang Survival Knife

    Full Tang Survival Knife

    Advantages of Full Tang Survival Knife
    Smooth, prefect blade design
    Fine processing off CNC to ensure the perfection of the knife.
    The middle teeth are designed for piranha teeth and can easily cut off the rope and other objects.
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  • Survival Knife Kit

    Survival Knife Kit

    Production Process of Survival Knife Kit:
    Model the parts of the knife.
    The blade is finely polished and plated with titanium .Handle CNC fine processing
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  • Army Survival Knife

    Army Survival Knife

    Features of Army Survival Knife:
    This army survival knife blade material is 440C stainless steel. It has strong hardness, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and strong toughness.
    This army survival knife hilt material is the anti-slip handle of the K10...
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  • Fighting Dagger

    Fighting Dagger

    Features of Fighting Dagger:
    This fighting dagger handle is made of the G10, with insulation, corrosion resistance, wear resistance characteristics.
    This fighting dagger blade is made of the 9Cr18MOV, high carbon chromium bearing steel with good corrosion...
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  • Push Dagger Knife

    Push Dagger Knife

    Features of Push Dagger Knife:
    Push Dagger Knife is a short-bladed dagger with a "T" handle designed to be grasped in the hand so that the blade protrudes from the front of one's fist, typically between the index and middle finger
    The grip is comfortable with the...
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  • Tactical Machete

    Tactical Machete

    Features of Tactical Machete:
    1. Cutting edge; 2. Notched blade; 3. Hook blade; 4.Chop blade; 5.Non-slip handle.
    This tactical machete blade material is D2 steel which carbon content is as high as 1.5%, which has a very sharp blade and is very...
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  • Camping Machete

    Camping Machete

    Advantages of Camping Machete
    Other product: 60 degree sharp angle; blade Length: 22cm,This camping machete: 77 degree sharp angle; blade length: 21cm;
    The camping machete handle adopts the anti-slip handle of G10 composite fiber material, and the design is...
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  • Big Machete

    Big Machete

    Features of Big Machete:
    High stability and reliability
    The design of the big machete handle is based on artificial learning, which can make you feel better when you use it.
    The big machete sleeve contains multi - function flint (fire rod, thermometer,...
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  • Handmade Bowie Knife

    Handmade Bowie Knife

    Features of Handmade Bowie Knife:
    Handmade Bowie Knife has brass guard and knife has wood handle
    Comes with sheath
    with durable finger grooved wood with brass cross guard
    Includes Genuine Leather Sheath
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  • Tactical Bowie Knife

    Tactical Bowie Knife

    Features of Tactical Bowie Knife:
    Tough, stable full tang blade.
    This tactical bowie knife silver stainless blade and hand guard, ebony handle, Leather sheath.
    This tactical bowie knife is primarily designed to be an easily manageable, wearable, and...
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  • Best Bowie Knife

    Best Bowie Knife

    Features of Best Bowie Knife:
    This best bowie knife with high-grade cowhide knife cover, gold guard.
    The handle of best bowie knife is made of ivory pressing and pattern graphite, the finished product details are better than the sample, there is no gap.
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  • Full Tang Diving Knife

    Full Tang Diving Knife

    Features of Full Tang Diving Knife:
    Tactical rope hole;
    Vacuum plating titanium;
    CNC elaborate processing;
    Nylon sheath (High temperature resistance / chemical resistance);
    The survival knife mode can be easily DIY with the distribution of the...
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